Cere ofertă

Civil unrest, characterised by violent demonstrations by protesters against the government, is often a manifestation of dissatisfaction and frustration with the authorities. It usually involves vandalism and property damage, and while some citizens attempt peaceful protest, others may turn violent. Once this happens, a lawful demonstration can quickly escalate into an uncontrollable riot. When mishandled, such chaotic situations can lead to property damage, civilian casualties and loss of government reputation. While using only offensive and defensive measures, law enforcement agencies may be able to calm the situation for a short time. However, only a well-structured methodology of proper use of law enforcement techniques, procedures and products will ensure order and restore public confidence.

Freedom of expression is vital. When it escalates to violence, it becomes an unlawful riot, therefore, law enforcement agencies must maximize the use of minimum force.
Most riot gear is made of rigid, stiff material that restricts mobility, making it difficult to operate comfortably in violent situations for extended periods of time.

The unique GAL system is designed in a flexible geometric wave structure, absorbing and redirecting massive kinetic trauma. Can be combined
with ultra-light ballistic protection at the head and torso. Flexible and agile protection allows officers to feel comfortable and effective
to control riots.

The GAL suit is a versatile system designed for use by law enforcement officers in their various tasks and missions. Organizations that adopt the GAL system improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

The GAL Riot Control Kit is a scalable solution, available both as a complete system and as separate components upon request.
The kit (and its components) is available in various colour combinations.



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